You may want to add relationships to a patient (e.g. family, paying account, etc.). For relationships to be used in this section, you will need to be first add them to "Contacts" (click here to learn how to do this)  or "Patients" (click here to learn how to do this).

  • Adding relationships to a patient file

Click "Patients" then click the patient file you would like. You will be taken to the "Summary" page as below. In the top right hand corner click the edit icon as circled below:

Upon entering, scroll down till you see the section "Relationships and Emergency contact". Click "Add relationship" as circled below:

The page below will appear:

If you click on the arrow on the right hand side of the "Relationship type" a list of potential relationships will appear:

Then start typing the name of a patient or contact in your system and suggestions will appear as below:

Select the appropriate suggestion and click "Add relationship":

You'll see that this relation has now been added. Click "Save" above once you've completed adding relationships.

  • Using a previously added relationship as a payee in an invoice, in this case the "Insurance provider - ABC Insurance Ltd" will be used.

If you would like to  generate an invoice for a patient using payee information you have in the patient file click "Invoices" in the left hand side bar and then click "New":

You'll then see the page below where you will need to enter invoice details:

Use the arrows on the right hand side of the various "Select..." fields to make your choices. Do this for "Header", "Practitioner" and "Billing/To". Within "the "To" field in "Billing" you'll see that the dropdown will show you options from the relationships added in your patient file (Insurer, Paying account and the patient himself):

In this example you've chosen to send address this invoice to the insurer "ABC Insurance LTD", you also need to add at least one product or service to the invoice by clicking "Add invoice item":

Once you click this you can start typing the first few letters of the name of the product which you would like to add to this invoice, in this case you're using "Ibuprofen" as an example:

Select the product from the suggestion list and edit your "Price" and "Quantity" if required and then click the  "✓" in the top right hand corner of that invoice item:

Click "Save" once complete:

You will then be led to this page where you will see your most recently created invoice:

If you click on that you will see what your invoice will look like:

  • Viewing invoices for contacts

To view all invoices billed to a contact kindly head to contacts.

Please click on the contact you would like to view, in this example Bupa has been selected. On left hand side click 'Invoices':

This will then show you a complete list of all the invoices billed to this contact. Within here you can edit the invoices and record payments.

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