To completely delete a patient and all their files from your system you would need to click "Patients" at the top of your page, then select the patient you want to delete. You will be led to their "Summary", click the "..." as below and then select " Delete" from the drop down menu:

A pop-up as below will appear which will ask you to enter the name of the patient, once you enter this you will be given the option to click the "Delete" button:

Once you click "Delete" this patient will be deleted forever. Please note that any appointments, invoices or labs attached to this patient need to be deleted before this patient is deleted, otherwise they will not be able to be deleted.

The red "Delete" button may not appear as above once you type the patient name if your patient name has a space entered in their name fields in their records. If this is the case, do go to the patient summary page and click on the edit button as below:

In the patient name fields, ensure there are no spaces added in error, and if so remove these:

Save the record. If you then delete the patient record as the previous instructions, you will be able to see the red "Delete" button.

Alternatively, you can also delete the patient record from the "Patients" tab by clicking on the three dots by the patient name and selecting "Delete" from the drop down list:

The following pop-up box will appear asking to confirm the delete:

Please note, once you have deleted a patient record from your system this record will be permanently deleted.

Also note you will only be able to delete a patient record if you have the access rights to be able to do this as defined by your system role.

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