You may want to categorise your patients or products in Heydoc and you can do so by allocating particular labels to these.

In order to do this, click "Settings" at the top of your page and then "Label settings" on the left hand side, you will see the page below, this will show your current customised labels (if any):

In order to create a customised label click "add label" as shown above and type the label you want to add (e.g. Enquiries), you will also be able to allocate a colour by clicking on the coloured box on the right:

Once you're happy with your text and colour selection, go ahead and click "βœ“" on the right as pointed out below:

You have now successfully created your "Enquiries" label. You can create as many labels as you wish.

How to add a label to a patient

To use your customised labels, click "Patients" at the top of your page and then select the patient for whom you would like to add a label. On the summary page you will see "Label":

If you click "Label" then you will be able to type the name of the label and select the label from the suggested option:

Your colour coded label will appear as below. You can assign multiple labels to a patient. Click the "βœ“" as pointed out below when you have finished adding the labels:

Once you're done, this is what your label will look like:

You will always be able to add/edit/delete those labels by hovering your mouse over the label and clicking the edit button pointed out below:

Once you have created your labels and added them to patients you will be able to search through the patient list by these labels. To show your label options, click on β€˜All’ as circled below and you will see a list of your labels and the number of patients with the given labels:

Select the label you wish to view and your patients which have been assigned this label will be displayed.

You can also export patient data reports on your labelled patients. For more information on reports kindly click here.

How to add a label to a product

You may also want to categorise your products and therefore add labels to these too.

To add a label to a product, go to the 'Products' section as below:

Select the product you would like to add the label to, and click the edit icon in the labels section as below:

You can either select the label from the list or search for your label and select this:

Alternatively, you can create a new label by typing in the new label of your choice and clicking 'Create "label name"':

This will then create a new label. You can add as many labels as you wish. Click the arrow when you are finished:

To edit and amend the assigned labels click on the edit icon:

To delete a label, click the 'x' as below:

You can see the assigned labels on the product list and filter these similar to patients:

Managing labels

For information on how to manage labels such as bulk remove labels from your patients and products, click here.

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