If you would like to integrate your Heydoc appointments calendar with your own calendar you will be able to do so by clicking "Settings" then "Users"  then select your user and scroll down to "External Calendar". Click "Generate calendar link":

Then please save your user settings to update this change.

Please go back into your user and the below will appear, copy the URL next to "Your calendar link is" and click "Save":

Go to your calendar page and click the "+" as circled below:

This will show you a drop down menu, select "From URL":

You will see the below page where you need to copy and paste the URL you copied above into the "URL of calendar" and click "ADD CALENDAR":

You will then see your "Heydoc bookings" in the "Settings for other calendars" as below:

Your integration is complete.

Please note that this example uses Google calendar but this will work with any calendar that allows subscribing to appointment feeds via URL.

The frequency at which the calendar updates is controlled by your calendar provider and not by Heydoc. In the case of Google calendar for instance, it will refresh approximately every 12-24 hours. Heydoc is not able to change this.

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