First you must ensure you've set up your users in this section:

image.png (2762×1336)

And your locations in this section:

image.png (2588×1308)

For more information on how to set-up these two sections click Users and/or Locations (scroll down to Locations/Users).

You'll need to set up your hours for both. In order to do this you will need to click "Settings" and then select "Availability", you will see the page as below:

image.png (2590×1450)

If you click "Monday" for your first location, in the case, "Heydoc Surgery - Main" you will see "Add block" appear as below:

If you click "Add block" a field allowing you to fill in times will appear as below:

Go ahead and fill in your preferred times and then click the "✓" in the top right hand corner of the Monday block:

This will allow you to save this time for this location and it will appear as below:

To continue adding times to this appointment, click on Monday again and click "Add block", and another block will appear allowing you to fill in more times if required:

Once you're finished with that day you can click "✓" in the top right hand corner of that box to save.

If your hours for the next day are the same then you can click "Copy from previous day" as below:

Continue to do this for your other location and also for your practitioners. 

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