To set up appointment confirmation and reminder emails, follow the steps in the video or the step-by-step guide below:

Clicking "Settings" at the top of your page and selecting "Appointment reminder" on the left hand side will take you to the below page:

Here you will be able to set up email confirmations and reminders and SMS reminders for bookings. 

To start creating your template, type your message as you would a regular email and use the buttons on the right hand side to insert customised information. The below is an example of a template:

Once activated, confirmations will be sent for any type of booking made (whether manual or online). 

Don't forget to click "Save" once you've complete your templates and switch the toggle to "Yes" if you would like these to send automatically to patients when an appointment is made:

When you are manually inserting a new appointment, if you untick the "Email patient confirmation" circled below this will not send a booking confirmation to this particular patient:

Please note that the time at which the reminder emails/SMSs are sent can not be changed. Currently, these will be sent the day before the appointment at around 6pm. It is not possible to reply to SMSs.

We do not currently charge to send SMS messages through Heydoc.

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