Twilio is the software Heydoc uses to allow you to have a video consultation with your patient. Heydoc is not involved in this relationship, it simply provides you with the technology. The connection is between yourself and your patient only.

Heydoc uses a peer to peer connection and as such participants exchange media directly so that:

  • Media is encrypted end-to-end (E2E) using WebRTC security protocols.

  • Heydoc does not mediate in the media exchange, which takes place through direct communication among Participants.

  • As Heydoc does not intercept the media in P2P Rooms, it is not possible to record or to transcode the media or to make it interoperate with other RTC services.

Source: Twilio Support

If you follow this link you'll find technical information but it also gives a good overview on how it works in great detail, and the fact that it’s end to end and HIPAA compliant.

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