Once your patient has booked a video consultation, you may want to send an automatic booking confirmation email. This can include any customised message and video consultation, cancellations links etc, it will look similar to the email below:

If your patient clicks the red text stating "Start video consultation", they will immediately see the page below, they need to click "Allow":

In order to set this up, click "Settings" at the top of your page and then "Appointment reminders" on the left hand side, it will lead you to the page below where you can scroll down to "Video consultation confirmation email" where you can edit as you require:

For more information on video consultations click here.

If your patient is unable to join the video call, it may depend on the browser they are using. For more information on browser requirements for video consultations, click here.

Please note that the video consultation feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer. For more information on Heydoc browser requirements, click here.

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