Heydoc will post the online bookings as conversions to your Google Analytics.

This is a simplified overview of how this works from a technical perspective:

You will find the URL and iframe described above in your own Heydoc system when you click "Settings" then "Online booking" on the left. Here you will see a list of your different online booking links. Select the online booking link you would like to view URL/iframe code for:

In the 'Activation' section, you will see the URL and iframe code generated for this online booking which you have previously set-up:

You can view the URL and iframe code for your other links by clicking on these in the Online booking settings list.

Click "Settings" and then "Integrations" in order to finalise this process, enter a "Tracking ID". You can find this under "Tracking Info" in the settings section of your Google Analytics account, e.g. UA-123456789-1. 

Click the blue "Save" button.

Please note that this needs to be done by a technical person.

How is this data recorded?

The data from the bookings are recorded as a completed transaction in the e-commerce section of Google Analytics.

Google has extensive documentation here.

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