To integrate with Xero, go to "Settings", then "Integrations" and click 'Connect to Xero':

It should take you to the below page if you already have an account with Xero:

If you don't have an account it will take you here:

You will then need to create an account and add an organisation:

Once you're logged in you will see your homepage that will look similar to this, click on "Accounts" at the top and click "Bank Accounts" and follow the steps to set up your bank account(s):

Go back to Heydoc and click "Connect to Xero":

This will take you to this page:

Click "Allow access" and you should see the below page:

In order to fill in "Xero sales account" and "Xero payment account" you will need to have a code set for each account in Xero. If you did not fill these in upon setup you can do them now. 

To create this code, go back to your Xero account and click "Accounting" then select "Chart of Accounts":

You should see a list of all your accounts, click on the name of the account in blue, for example "Sales" as below:

You should be led to "Edit Account Details". Go to the "Code" section and add any unique number which will represent this particular account, do this for any accounts you may have:

Do ensure that your Xero sales account is a 'Revenue' account type as below:

Click the green button "Save" at the bottom.

Go back to Heydoc, refresh your page and you should now be able to select the accounts for these two sections from the dropdown menus:

Your integration is now complete.

Please note that communication between Heydoc and Xero is one way, Heydoc sends information to Xero but Xero does not send information to Heydoc.

Below outlines the data which will flow from Heydoc to Xero and the place in Xero where this information can be found:

If you want to disconnect your Xero account, kindly go to "Settings" then "Integrations" then click "Revoke access" as below:

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