All monetary payments need to processed via Stripe or externally to Heydoc. This can't be done through Heydoc. To view how to integrate your Stripe account with Heydoc kindly click here.

Once you have processed this refund through Stripe or by another method, you should also record this refund in the patient record using a credit note.

You can create a credit note to refund a patient for part of an invoice (e.g. discount), or because of a cancellation in case of prepayment. For information on how to create a credit note, click here.

To record a refund on a credit note, within the credit note, click the blue "Refund" button:

The following pop-up box will appear. Select the payment type and the amount refunded and click "Save":

This refund will appear on the invoice like below with the payment type and the amount:

The amount will be deducted from the credit note and appear like so in the list of invoices:

Please note that the refunding functionality is for recording a refund only, and will not process any payments back to the payee.

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