Heydoc offers the option to conduct video consultations with your patients.

To set up your system to offer video consultations, first make this appointment type available to your patients. For more information on how to set up appointment types as a product, click here:

When creating the appointment type, make sure to select the tick box for "Is video consultation" as below:

Once this is saved, this will then appear on the product information as below:

Make sure that your user provides this service by clicking "Settings" then "Users" on the left. Select the user and then scroll down to the "Services provided" section. Select your video consultation appointment type:

Also do the same for your location/rooms, by ensuring this is selected in the "Services provided" section in the "Location settings".

In Settings, click "Appointment reminders" on the left and scroll down to the "Video consultation confirmation email". Set up a template for this type of consultation, remember to include the "Video link" as circle below. You can also set up reminder emails for your video consultations:

Upon booking, the patient will receive this email confirmation:

They will need to click on "Start video consultation" link as above, they will be led to the below. This will contain your clinic logo and the appropriate appointment details. Your patient can mute their microphone, turn their camera on/off and also change the screen to full-screen mode using the toggles at the bottom of the call:

The clinician will be able to join the video by clicking on the appointment in the calendar and then clicking on the blue "Start" button as circled below:

A box will then appear with your patient's video. The clinician can then continue their work in the system whilst on the call with the patient and drag the video box around to a more desirable position. The clinician can also use the toggles to mute their microphone, switch their camera on/off or set their screen as full-screen:

If the patient does not receive the email confirmation or is not able to access the link then you will be able to resend this link by copying and pasting it from the above section "This invitation link was sent to your patient" and sending it to your patient.

If you or your patient are unable to join the video call, it may depend on the internet browser you are using. Please note that the video consultation feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. For more information on browser requirements for video consultations, click here.

Please note that the video consultation facility only allows a connection between the clinician and the patient. If multiple people join the call, your patient's connection will be lost.

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