This section will show you how to create a letter to then send to a patient or a contact.

To learn how to create templates to use in this section click here and scroll to "Letter templates".

How do you create a new letter?

When clicking on "Letters" in the "Patient" tab you will first see a list of all letters ever sent for this patient as below:

Click "New" top left hand corner as above, it will lead you to the below page:

If sending the letter to a contact, rather than a patient, populate the "Recipient" field by searching for any contacts that you may have saved. This will use the people you've entered in the "Contacts" tab, see Contacts to see how to add new contacts.

You can include consultation notes, medical information and any other data about the patient by selecting from the available drop down menus such as "Insert record" or "Lab Details" as below:

If you would like to reduce spacing between sentences such as in the below:

Place your cursor at the end of the sentence as it is above, then click "Shift" (small arrow going up) and "Enter" to make a single space between sentences. 

If you are using a template created in "Letter templates" in "Settings" you will not be able to edit specials fields, this would need to happen when originally creating the template, click here and scroll to "Letter templates" to learn more.

Whilst creating a letter, it will autosave for you.

Click "Save" once completed.

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