The task function is a helpful way for internally communicating within your practice. It can be used to set yourself or another user on your system any tasks or reminders of which you can set a due date, the priority and even link it to a patient.

When you click on "Tasks" at the top of your page you will see a list of your current tasks as below:

You can use the filter to show particular tasks according to your preference, you can filter by name, by priority or by status:

How do you add a new task?

To add a new task click "New task" in the top right hand corner.:

Fill in the details as required:

The person to whom the task is allocated will receive an email about this task if within the recipient's user ("Settings" then click "User" then select the user) they tick the two boxes at the top in "Notification settings":

How do you change the status of a task?

Click on the task, click the dropdown box for the "Status" field , and change to either "Open", "Processing" or "Closed".

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