Go to Settings and click on 'Online booking'. You will be taken to the following page where you will see a list of your current online booking links. Here you can create multiple online booking links for your website which have different settings and can be customised to specific locations, appointment types and practitioners:

To create a new online booking link, click 'New':

You will be taken to the following page to set-up your online booking link.  Here you can fill in a title and a description. To make your online booking link active, tick the 'Active' box as below:

You can then go through and create the settings in the 'General settings' section:

In the 'Book practitioner' section, if you tick "Allow patients to book with a specific practitioner", the practitioners names will appear in the 'Locations, appointments and users' which will allow your patient bookings to be linked with a specific practitioner:

You can then select the locations, appointment types and practitioners that you would like to be booked in through this link:

By default, the patient will be required to fill in personal information such as their email address and mobile number etc.  If you do not require a specific information from your patient, tick ‘Hide...’ as below. Please note, if date of birth is hidden, the system cannot match an online booking to an existing patient. A new patient will be created as a result.

If the patient is not already on your system, a new patient record will be created. However, if the patient is already on the system and they enter the same name and DOB into the online booking, the appointment will deposit in the current patient record.

You can also capture patient ID numbers, for example Passport number, NHS number etc. within the online booking. For more information on how to do this click here.

You can also add a tick box to your online booking by clicking 'Add custom question'. Enter the title and the question or statement text. If you want to make the tick box compulsory for a patient to make a booking, ensure that 'Required' is ticked. Click the tick when you are finished. You can create as many custom questions as you require:

Please note any custom question will appear on the patient summary page, with the title text and either yes/no depending on whether the tick box has been ticked:

When you have finished creating your new online booking, you need to generate the link. To do this, click "Save":

You will then be taken to the list of all your online booking links.

Click into your new online booking link and the URL and iframe code will have generated for this new online booking link in the "Resources" section:

Once you've inserted your URL or iframe code into the backend of your website you should see a booking portal similar to the one below, the prospective patient will be able to choose the type of appointment, the practitioner and the time/date according to what is available:

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