You may want to bulk move appointments to other practitioners or locations in your practice.

Moving bookings to another practitioner

In order to do this, go to your day view for the practitioners you would like to move appointments between and click on the "..." on the side of the practitioner or location  who you want to move appointments from.

Once you click on this, a window will appear on the right hand side which will allow you to fill in details as required:

Now click on the "New practitioner" field and select the practitioner to whom you would like to move the bookings to:

Then click "Move":

All the appointments have now moved from "C. Tidd" to "C. Hoy" as below:

Moving bookings to another location

Firstly, ensure you are currently looking at your calendar in 'view by - practitioner' and are in 'Day' view.

By the location name, click on the three dots as below and the following sidebar will appear:

Then select the location or room from the location drop down list you wish to move this to, and click 'Move':

This will move all bookings for that practitioner on that day to the location or room you selected.

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