The first section within the "Patients" tab is "Summary". This section provides an overview of the patient's details, medical information and appointment history:

How do you edit personal information?

To edit personal information, please click on the patient and, on the "Summary" page click the icon circled in red in the top right hand corner as below:

You will be led to the below page, here you can add/edit any details:

How do you add a comment?

You can add comments to a patient file. This box can be used to include any relevant information about the patient which should be made visible to the practitioner. To do so, click "Comment" in the top right hand corner as below:

Write a comment and then click the "✓" below to save the comment:

To edit this comment, hover over the current comment, a little edit sign will appear, click on that.

How do you create a warning?

A warning sign can be added next to the patient's name when reception wants to book the patient in. This can be helpful in case of a comment the reception staff should be aware of while booking the patient in. To add a warning to the patient's file, click on the "..." in the top right hand corner and select "Set warning" as below:

This will allow your previously set "Comment" to become a "Warning":

Medical information

The medical information on the "Summary" page is populated from the consultation notes. In the consultation notes, the practitioner decides whether the details should be added to the summary or not.

The Summary page can be edited on various levels:

To edit the displayed categories/boxes, go to "Settings" and click "Medical settings":

To edit the content of the boxes, hover your mouse over the section you want to edit, an edit sign will appear, click on that as below, this will allow you to hide or show inputs:


This is the list of past and upcoming appointments of the patients, the type of consultation as well as the practitioner, if specified:

Clicking on the appointment will send you to the calendar page to the appointment.

How can you print the summary page or labels?

By clicking on the printer icon at the top right hand corner of the page and selecting either "Label" or "Summary" as required. 

How can you merge patients?

Should a patient have a duplicate with the same email address and DOB, this will be flagged at the top of the patient file as below:

The possible duplicate warning is based on matching two criteria out of name, email and DOB. If two patient records match on two or more of this criteria the suggestion to merge will show on the summary page on either patient. If you do have duplicate files for the same patient, you can merge these files by clicking on the word "Merge" in blue or on the "..." in the top right-hand corner of the "Summary" page of the particular patient and selecting "Merge":

  • Select the patient on the list you wish to merge the patient with, click "Merge" to the pop up and the files will merge:

In the case of conflicting information, the details from the initially selected patient will remain and the details of the patient selected in the table will be overwritten. This only refers to the contact details of the patient and anything in the comments box. Any other information (medical, invoice, etc.) will be preserved for both profiles and consolidated under the merged patient profile.

How do you delete a patient?

Click on the "..." in the right hand corner of the page and click "Delete" as below:

The following pop up box will appear where you will be required to type the name of the patient. Then click the red "Delete" button:

This patient will now be permanently deleted off your system.

Please note: If the red "delete" button does not appear, even after typing out the patient name, ensure that you have not typed any spaces by mistake, or that there are no spaces within the name fields within the patient record.

How do you block a patient?

Should you wish to prevent a patient from being booked by the reception, you can block a patient. This will alert the reception the patient is blocked from making an appointment. To do this, click on the "..." in the right hand corner of the page and click "Block" as below:

The following will appear on the patient:

It is possible to unblock the patient by going to the same drop down menu and clicking "Unblock".

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