If you click on "Labs" at the top you will see a list of your current labs (requests and received results) for all your patients:

You can filter your labs by their status by clicking on "All" as circled below and selecting the lab status from the drop down list:

How do you set up your lab accounts?

If you click on "Settings" and then "Lab settings" you can view your account(s) with private laboratories and set up a direct link for submission of lab tests and for receiving results:

Click "Add lab account" and then fill in the lab details accordingly. Select the lab provider, your account name and in the ‘Source’ field you will need to insert your ID code. Contact your account manager at the lab you use for your ID:

Click the tick to save this, and you are now integrated.

If you have multiple lab accounts, you can add these further accounts by clicking "Add lab account" again.

How do you submit a lab request?

First, set up lab tests in "Products". To do so, click "New":

Select "Lab" as the "Product type" and fill in other details such as the price (how much it costs your patient), the 'Product code' (the lab code), the 'Supplier' (the laboratory) etc. Don't forget to click "Save":

For more information on how to upload lab products, click here. This will give you more information on how you can automatically upload lab tests to your system.

When in consultation and performing a test, choose "Product" in consultation and type the name or code of the lab test, this will automatically ask for details such as sample date and whether the patient has been fasting, click "Save":

A button will show up saying "Order labs". Click on it to submit the request.

This will send you to the "Labs" section. Your lab order will have been sent electronically to your lab provider, depending on what lab provider you are integrated with you. Here you can print the form as well as the labels to be added to the samples:

When your integrated laboratory has produced your results, these will be posted directly in Heydoc and will automatically insert into the patient file.

How to be notified when a lab result is received

If you were the user who ordered the lab result, you can receive an email notification when a lab result is received.

To receive this, go to "Settings" and then "Users" and select your user:

Scroll down to the section "Notification settings" and select the box 'Receive notification when results are received':

Click "Save" to update your user. Now whenever you receive a lab result for a lab order you requested, you will be sent an email from info@heydoc.co.uk to alert you of this.

How to view received lab results

When you have been notified that you have received a lab result, to view them go to the "Labs" section, and you can filter your lab results to bring up your "Received" lab results. To do this, click on "All" at the top of the page, and select "Received" from the drop down list:

This will bring up all your received results with a red label:

What does the red dot by the 'Received' status mean?

This means the result has been updated by the laboratory. You may receive the lab result into your Heydoc account in parts. Therefore, if you view a lab result, and then this is updated at a later time by the laboratory, the red dot will reappear:

How to share lab results

You can share the results securely with your patient through the feature below:

This section will appear where you can add comments if required and then click "Share" in the bottom right hand corner:

Your patient will then receive an email notifying them that you have shared their lab result and they will be able to view this in their patient portal.

Please note you can only share lab results with the patient. If you wish to share with a contact, you will need to insert these results into a letter as explained in the following section.

How to insert lab results into a letter

You may also want to send the lab results within a letter to your patient or a contact.

To do so, create a letter as normal within the patient record. For more information on how to create a letter click here.

To insert lab results into the letter, click on the 'Lab Details' button as below. This will show a drop down list of the date of your received lab results for this patient. Select the result from the list you wish to insert into the letter:

This will then insert into your letter as below:

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