This video will show you how to view patient records and how to create a new patient records:

Please read below for more information on patients.

When clicking "Patients" you will see the page below with all your current patients listed:

How do you search for a particular patient?

The search bar in the top right hand corner allows you to look for patients based on name, email address, phone number, but also other information such as post code:

If you click on any patient name, you will see the patient's "Summary" and all other sections with information solely for this patient:

How do you add a new patient?

Click the blue button "Add patient" on the left hand side to create a new patient profile, you will be led to this "New Patient" page:

You can also directly create a new patient while booking an appointment, by clicking "New patient" in "New booking":

How do you edit patient details?

To edit patient details, click on the patient and, on the "Summary" page click on the edit icon in the top right hand corner as below:

You will be led to this page, where you will be able to add/edit any details you like:

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