This video will show you how to add documents to a patient record:

Please read below for more information on documents.

Clicking on "Patients", selecting the name for whom you would like to upload documents for then clicking "Documents" on the left will take to the page below where you can see a list of your currently uploaded documents.

In this section you are able to add external documents such as letters, images, these can be in .PDF, .CSV, .PNG or many other formats:

To add a new document, either drag and drop the document into the white space, or click "New" and select "Upload file":

And that will allow you to search your computer for the relevant document, click open once you've selected the document you would like and that will automatically insert into your Documents section for you:

Once uploaded, you can click on the "..." near the attachment and "Delete", "Rename", "Share" or "Email" this document:

You may want to organise all your documents into folders, in order to do this click "New" and select "New Folder":

Then add the name of the folder and hit enter:

Drag and drop the document into the folder you would like it to be in.

You may wish to order your documents in date order, you will be able to do this by adding the date to the document in this format (colons ":" are optional) and then ensure you click to order your documents by name:


Please note that certain file types such as .Tiff, .word and .pages will not open within your browser but will automatically download and will need to be opened on your computer.

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