Clicking "Invoices" will take you to a list of all your current invoices for all patients:

In the top right hand corner you will be able to search or order using invoice number, patient name, practitioner, location, status, etc.

To create a new invoice, click the blue button "New" in the top left hand corner as shown above.

This will take you to the page below, where you can fill in all the required details and then click "Save" to create:

Creating an invoice from within the patient file

If you would like to generate an invoice for a patient using payee information you have in the patient file click "Invoices" in the left hand side bar and then click "New":

You'll then see the page below where you will need to enter invoice details:

Use the arrows on the right hand side of the various "Select..." fields to make your choices. Do this for "Header", "Practitioner" and "Billing/To". Within "the "To" field in "Billing" you'll see that the dropdown will show you options from the relationships added in your patient file (Insurer, Paying account and the patient himself):

In this example you've chosen to send address this invoice to the insurer "BUPA", you also need to add at least one product or service to the invoice by clicking "Add invoice item":

Once you click this you can then enter your product you wish to insert into your invoice. In the drop down list you will see your appointment types by default. To bring up another product, start typing the first few letters of the name of the product, in this case you're using "Ibuprofen" as an example:

Select the product from the suggestion list and edit your "Price" and "Quantity" if required and then click the  "✓" in the top right hand corner of that invoice item:

If you decide you want to delete a line item click on the "..." and select "Remove from invoice":

Click "Save invoice" once complete:

You will then be led to this page where you will see your most recently created invoice:

If you click on that you will see what your invoice will look like:

How do you record payment on an invoice?

To record payment on an invoice, click "Invoices" at the top of the page and select the outstanding invoice required:

This will lead you to the below page. Once you've checked your invoice, click "Pay" below:

In the pop-up box, select the "Payment Type" and click "Save". This will record the invoice as 'Paid':

Heydoc allows you to take card payments directly within the system. This requires an account with Stripe. View Integrating your Stripe account with Heydoc for more details. If you are integrated with Stripe and would like to take payment with a patient's card, click here to see how to do this.

For information on how to create an invoice from an appointment, please click here.

Invoice and payment settings

If you go to Settings and then 'Invoice and payment', you can set up your invoices.

Invoice settings

Should you have a membership system, this is where you can activate it to automatically generate monthly or annual invoices. Please note that these invoices are not automatically sent to the patient and will need to be sent manually.

There is the ability to lock your invoices up to a certain date. This will prevent users from editing these locked invoices, although you can still record payment on these invoices.

You can also choose what details to include on the invoice such as the patient DOB, name and insurance details. Click "Save" once completing your details:

Payment settings

Here you can determine your payment terms, which will appear on all invoices.

You can also create 'Payment types' which you can then select when recording payment on an invoice:

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