Clicking on "Products" at the top of your page will take you to a list of your current products:

To add a new product click the "Add product" blue button in the top left hand corner and that will lead to the page below where you will need to select a product "Type":

Once you select the product "Type", in this case I have selected "Medication",  you will be required to fill in all other details as below:

Once you have filled in all details for this product you can click "Save":

You will be taken back to your product list. You can create as many products as you require by repeating these steps. If you would like to edit a product, click on the product in your product list and you will see the following page:

If you would like to edit this product, click on the edit icon as circled below and that will allow you to edit this product:

If you would like to delete this product, click on the "..." in the top right hand corner and you will see an option to delete:

This section is also linked to the consultation and invoice section. 

When creating a consultation you will be able to click "Product" and add a product with all it's relevant details:

Once a product is added to a consultation this will automatically appear in the invoice once a new invoice is generated for this patient. This can help you keep track of your stock level (if and where relevant). You will also be able to add more products if required by clicking "Add invoice item":

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